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Update 16th December: Please don't tell me off for this but I've massively dropped the prices on the very ornate necklaces where the cost was mainly due to the time they took to make. I know you all think this is a bad idea but I am now even further from getting  a car than I previously was, and I can't get to a stall without a car, so I really need to do it. 

Just in case it isn't clear, please note that the sale items are no longer on this page but are now spread out between the other pages as there are too many to have them all together. You'll have to go hunting.

I had been planning various craft fairs and this sale was to fund them as they are scary prices. However, my lovely little car has just failed the MOT so badly that four separate mechanics have advised it can't be fixed. As a result I am now without  a car so can't do any fairs at all. I'm madly searching for another car but let's just say that the cars in my price range are likely to need a lot of work that I won't be able to get done, and that's if they even manage to get me home from the showroom without breaking down on the way. 

So what does this mean for you? It means BARGAINS. It means that in the absence of any fairs I will be listing ALL my jewellery onto this site instead, and at sale prices because I really don't want to be without a car for any longer than necessary. I'm not expecting to get something flash, just something that won't mean I end up stranded on a hard shoulder or down a country lane somewhere. (Wouldn't be the first time and it isn't pleasant at all!)

Because there is so much jewellery I won't be able to fit it all onto this one page like I did previously. Please check out all the other pages as I'll slot it into wherever it fits the theme. They won't be marked as sale items, because there are laws about how long something has to have been offered at a previous price and I don't want to fall foul of anything just because something was on my stall and not online and I can't prove how long it's been up for sale at the original price, but you'll know by the price that you're getting a bargain.

I'd also like to add that just because I may have listed something at a low price it does NOT mean it is low quality or tarnished. I would have chopped it up if that were the case.

Some pages may be missing at the moment while I work on them. They should be back with a day or two, or maybe even within an hour, and there will be lots of new pages appearing too. I have lots more jewellery to add. Please contact me if there is anything in particular you are looking for and can't see.

Thank you for looking.



Flat rate £2 postage charge per order or free for orders over £20.

UK delivery only.

The boring bit

Before buying anything you need to read the page called "The boring bit" as it contains important information that you need to know. Stuff about the terms that apply to the sale, privacy, data protection, all that sort of thing, plus some other useful stuff too. Go on, nip over there now; it won't take you long and some of it isn't boring at all.

A note about sold-out items.....

Because almost everything is unique, you might find that when you get to paypal an item will appear as "sold out". This means someone has beaten you to it before I had the chance to update the website. Sorry about that. I'll update as often as I can (daily at the very least)  but I won't always be able to catch sold items in time. Please feel free to contact me if this happens and I may be able to make you something similar. I can't always guarantee a price match, though, especially for special prices. Again, sorry.