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Strawberry tiered necklace

Tiered red-orange and gold necklace with simple matching earrings.

Length 18" plus 1.5" extension chain. 1.75" drop.




Amethyst tiered necklace

Tiered purple-brown necklace with simple matching earrings.

Length 19" plus 1.5" extension chain. 1.5" drop.



Gold lace necklace

Gold glass lace necklace with simple matching earrings for pierced ears. Very pretty with a subtle sparkle.

Length 19" with 1.5" extension chain.



Soft gray lace necklace

Silver-grey and white glass lace necklace with simple matching earrings for pierced ears. 

Length 19" with 2" extension chain.


Bracelet length

Chunky chain bracelets

The length stated is unfastened. The fastened length is usually about 1cm shorter for a chunky bracelet with a toggle clasp. The length you will require will vary according to the type of fit you prefer; some people prefer a close fit like a watch, others looser. 

Fine chain bracelets

Chain bracelets with a lobster clasp are adjustable by clipping the clasp onto any part of the chain and leaving the excess to dangle. If you are buying it for someone with very slim wrists this can sometimes mean there is a large amount of chain left dangling, in which case please feel free to contact me and I can shorten the chain for no extra charge. It is not possible to make these bracelets larger.



Flat rate £2 postage charge per order or free for orders over £20.

UK delivery only.

The boring bit

Before buying anything you need to read the page called "The boring bit" as it contains important information that you need to know. Stuff about the terms that apply to the sale, privacy, data protection, all that sort of thing, plus some other useful stuff too. Go on, nip over there now; it won't take you long and some of it isn't boring at all.

A note about sold-out items.....

Because almost everything is unique, you might find that when you get to paypal an item will appear as "sold out". This means someone has beaten you to it before I had the chance to update the website. Sorry about that. I'll update as often as I can (daily at the very least)  but I won't always be able to catch sold items in time. Please feel free to contact me if this happens and I may be able to make you something similar. I can't always guarantee a price match, though, especially for special prices. Again, sorry.